Track driving

Get the most out of your car and drive it on the race track with a professional instructor.
Optimize your driving skills with different exercices and numerous laps on the track.
Fully enjoy your car in a safe environment.

All types of training courses are offered, from beginners to experts.

Depending on your skills and experience, you will learn:

  • Heel and toe downshifting
  • Threshold braking
  • Slalom exercice
  • Following a pace car on the track
  • Smooth driving techniques
  • Improving your racing line
  • Developing efficient visual methods
  • Understanding vehicle dynamics
  • Proper acceleration and deceleration
  • Cornering techniques
  • Controling oversteer and understeer

The offered courses may be on an individual basis or in corporate groups.
Our trainings programs are designed for specific needs.

Track possibilities: ICAR, Mont-Tremblant, St-Eustache, Sanair, Calabogie

Three programs – private or in group – are available. For private courses, an instructor is in the car at all times.


Level 1
Allows to experiment the basic techniques of performance driving. Short theory sessions are given in between the various exercices. After mastering the slalom course, threshold braking is tested. Vision remains a very important aspect of driving and will be a priority throughout the day.

Racing lines, steering and acceleration techniques will be practiced during the 2 sessions on the short track and the 2 sessions on the long track.

Level 2
The day starts with a slalom exercice followed by trail braking and left foot braking. Heel and toe and passing techniques are also experienced.
1 session on the short track and 3 sessions on the long track are planned.

Level 3
For experienced drivers. This course consists of 6 sessions of lapping supervised by a professional instructor. The goal is to better the technique by aiming consistency and by using reference points.

1 session on the short track and 5 sessions on the long track are planned.

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Prices (valid for all levels)
Group courses : 500$/day
Private courses : 900$/day

- April : 8-17
- May : 7-8-19
- June : 2-3
- July : 1-2-23-30-31
- August : 6-17-18-28
- Sept : 9-17
- Oct : 15-21

Level is determined by the instructor, according to the driver’s experience.
Vehicle rentals available. Additional cost will apply

Drifting courses and winter driving courses are also given. Contact us for more details !