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Marie-Laurence Paquin : Stunt Performer

Since 2005, Marie-Laurence has doubled more than 20 actors in different tv series and movies. She had the chance to work and train with many stunt coordinators such as dave mckeown, mike scherer, jean frenette, stéphane lefebvre, marc desourdi, tyler hall, mike chute, jason lecavalier, ken c. tran and the members of the group previsouly called fast motion (mathieu ledoux, yan lecomte, stéphane julien, thomas liccioni, alison côté, marie-France denoncourt). Her specialty : car stunts. But, being an active girl who trains since her early years, she practices martial arts (taekwondo), gymnastics, trampoline, free running and does fight simulations with or without arms in order to become, day after day, a better stunt performer.

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